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Welcome to the Bug Report!

This is an illness journal for those of us with not very serious, but still seriously annoying, illnesses. If you have the flu, cold, stomach virus, or just some weird "thing", this is the place. Since I started this community, I'll go first.

I have just been diagnosed with bronchitis, for I think the third time this year. It's very annoying, and I think it may be because fo my job(I work with the public), plus the weather where I live changes from warm to cold very quickly. It keeps the body off guard, and seems to promote illness. I am taking antibotics, a decongestant, and a nice strong cough syrup that makes me have fever dreams.

My husband has it too, he may actually be having a harder time with it, but at least he's got the day off. I don't.

Anyway, feel free to post with your illness whines, bitches, and too-informative posts about what came out of what orifice. I'll love to see it!
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